• 66 girl students adopted in session 2017-18
    • I believe in educating them for better future

    • I provide study materials at almost 50% discount to students under program 'Kiran'

    • I also help in medical assistance to these students at Malwa hospital Maur Mandi, without any cost


    • Her program kiran is a blessing towards the financially weak students. She provide study materials at 50% discount and medical assistance also that is what a student require at this level.

    • This is a great responsible effort by mam and team,in today's world no one is ready to help someone. But This team is doing their best to support school girls at every stage.

    • Everyone should support this program as its for the betterment of our society. They don't accept cash, only accept study materials.A good thing about them is if any student need cash they get that directly deposited into that student's account.

    Donation (Only in Bank Account)

    My program Kiran don't accept cash directly from anyone but it can be deposited into the Bank Account. My team members help students by their own, from their own pockets. Each team member is equally responsible for fulfilling his/her duties & complete their task whenever any student need them.

    If you want to help a needy student then deposit whatever amount possible(No Cash Accepted-payment proofs available anytime throgh mail or whatsapp)

    Punjab & Sind Bank: IFSC-PSIB0021399

    Acc. No. 13991000001000


    If you have old books then you can provide those books to needy students directly at school

    Study Material

    You can also help with study materials like pen, pencils, sharpners, erasers etc.

    School Fee

    We also help needy students by providing full school fees.

    School Dresses

    Program Kiran provides free school dress for needy/poor girl students